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Last Login: Dec 17 2012 12:53AM
Sex: Female
Age: 20
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Relationship: Single
Location: United States

BabyblueEyes SO MUCH WORK
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theycallmejakey(;    7/1/2012 7:39:20 PM • Reply
i have to pee
theycallmejakey(;   7/2/2012 2:17:49 PM
i did (:
but i went alreeady (;
BabyblueEyes   7/2/2012 12:23:54 AM

theycallmejakey(;    7/1/2012 7:39:11 PM • Reply
you x31957321095u392050238u90275u039

theycallmejakey(;    7/1/2012 7:38:59 PM • Reply
you x2

theycallmejakey(;    7/1/2012 7:38:40 PM • Reply

theycallmejakey(;    7/1/2012 7:38:19 PM • Reply
iddeeek what to saay

theycallmejakey(;    7/1/2012 7:38:03 PM • Reply
some little kid bit me today at work ?
weird right

theycallmejakey(;    7/1/2012 7:37:43 PM • Reply
i loveeee youuuuu

theycallmejakey(;    7/1/2012 7:37:35 PM • Reply
best friends <3

theycallmejakey(;    7/1/2012 7:37:24 PM • Reply
wanna be friends ?

theycallmejakey(;    7/1/2012 7:37:16 PM • Reply
you have beautifull eyes

theycallmejakey(;    7/1/2012 7:37:03 PM • Reply
you a cutie (;

theycallmejakey(;    7/1/2012 7:36:48 PM • Reply

BabyblueEyes    7/1/2012 3:45:34 PM • Reply
On vacation once again
Wont be officially back for about a week but if you need me message me. I'll check them as often as I can.
BabyblueEyes   7/1/2012 6:07:43 PM
haha so cute! i gotta go for the day. later tobi boo
Tobithian Prince   7/1/2012 5:56:20 PM
Yeah..mom has to cut up all my food for me tho lol
BabyblueEyes   7/1/2012 5:53:18 PM
aw damn! thats torture. can u eat?
Tobithian Prince   7/1/2012 4:22:18 PM
3 mre weeks of this bent armed shit! Cant even play xbox!
BabyblueEyes   7/1/2012 4:18:26 PM
aw tObi-bOo <33
you will get to take it off soon
Tobithian Prince   7/1/2012 4:07:24 PM
Nope...ive spent the entire week in cast that keeps my arm bent...and its just a piss take.
BabyblueEyes   7/1/2012 4:03:01 PM
I wish i could take u with me. are u having fun over there?
Tobithian Prince   7/1/2012 3:58:48 PM
Cools..well i hope yu haff fun
BabyblueEyes   7/1/2012 3:56:59 PM
yea i'm in america. In cali
Tobithian Prince   7/1/2012 3:55:48 PM
R yu like still in america? or like a diff country? lol i dont like pools.
BabyblueEyes   7/1/2012 3:53:10 PM
ikr i'm at a hotel right now. their internet isn't the best but its better than none i guess. (: they have a nice pool downstairs
Tobithian Prince   7/1/2012 3:52:12 PM
Ohhhheee...lucky ducky
BabyblueEyes   7/1/2012 3:51:06 PM
no im not rich! lol my mom and dad are separated so i get 2 vacations every summer
Tobithian Prince   7/1/2012 3:48:41 PM
r yu like rich or summit Sie saw? cos if yu r....think yu shud totally adopt me...just saying!

Tobithian Prince    6/30/2012 4:48:35 PM • Reply
Extremely important question...Need to settle this!

Who's cheeks r chubbier...Mine or Alys? (Plz be honest)
BabyblueEyes   7/1/2012 3:44:25 PM
lmao love u too
Tobithian Prince   7/1/2012 3:02:44 PM
BabyblueEyes   7/1/2012 3:01:04 PM

BabyblueEyes    6/21/2012 8:01:59 PM • Reply
I leave for a day and World War 3 starts. Come on guys, take a couple hours to think before you say such horrible things to each other

BabyblueEyes    6/18/2012 6:20:37 PM • Reply
She aint a nicki fan? Den da bitch def dumb

MakeMyHipsterr    6/9/2012 5:01:13 PM • Reply
I came here to say hi and what do i see? Some Cum, Dick, ETC. PARAGRAPH! xD Without me!!!!!! Wtf is this mess? -.- Children-Tobi-In the Premesis, so not appropriate...for the public eye.xD HI SISI!<333333333333
BabyblueEyes   6/10/2012 7:20:05 PM
i hurt myself like a boss xD
MakeMyHipsterr   6/9/2012 7:19:40 PM
I gotta bodyguard -.-
Free world.Kinda.
Wtf! Who hurt my Baby!!?!D:< Or what!?
BabyblueEyes   6/9/2012 7:08:44 PM
you're tryna get beat up -___-
sellin me out on my own wall.
nothing just here with my sprained ankle, walking around with crutches
MakeMyHipsterr   6/9/2012 7:06:23 PM
She Sure is I swear she really is a porn star xD
-If ur reading this Aly...I blame Sisi..-.--
Sup beautiful?
BabyblueEyes   6/9/2012 7:03:55 PM
smh i dont even know what to say to her
hiii sexy!

Shelly    6/9/2012 3:53:21 PM • Reply
BabyblueEyes   6/11/2012 5:02:00 PM
nothin. you?
Shelly   6/10/2012 8:45:39 PM
Cool. Whats up?
BabyblueEyes   6/10/2012 7:17:53 PM
i'm sierra, nice to meet u
Shelly   6/9/2012 7:10:47 PM
I'm Shelly
BabyblueEyes   6/9/2012 7:04:25 PM

Tobithian Prince    6/6/2012 5:35:24 AM • Reply
Miss yu <3
BabyblueEyes   6/10/2012 7:19:26 PM
humpty numpty <3
Tobithian Prince   6/9/2012 7:12:37 PM
BabyblueEyes   6/9/2012 7:05:52 PM
hahah NUMPTY
Tobithian Prince   6/9/2012 3:24:49 PM
Its just a fun way of callin someone silly i guess lol
BabyblueEyes   6/9/2012 3:21:52 PM
what does it mean? xD
Tobithian Prince   6/9/2012 3:14:35 PM
I guess haha
BabyblueEyes   6/9/2012 2:59:59 PM
numpty? xD british words?
Tobithian Prince   6/9/2012 2:52:01 PM
*huggles* Yu numpty!
BabyblueEyes   6/9/2012 2:46:16 PM
aw man, that sucks *hugs you* i just hopped off my bed like a flucking idiot
Tobithian Prince   6/9/2012 2:22:08 PM
Awwe! *strokes yur cheeks* yur okie bbz and nope not this year it seems
BabyblueEyes   6/9/2012 2:08:20 PM
mehh *teary eyes*
doesnt it get hot eventually?
Tobithian Prince   6/9/2012 1:24:26 PM
Yeah its summer and the weathers shit like usual and awwe! Poor baby!
BabyblueEyes   6/9/2012 12:35:03 PM
loll aww its cold right now? its kinda hot over here
and im in bed too, if i walk a pain shoots up my leg. not fun
Tobithian Prince   6/9/2012 12:26:32 PM
Snuggled in bed cos its cold..i really need a wee but i dont wunna move..lol hbu?
BabyblueEyes   6/9/2012 12:18:05 PM
lmao ahah. funny
what are you doing today?
Tobithian Prince   6/9/2012 12:16:20 PM
Anythin for my Sie xD
BabyblueEyes   6/9/2012 9:54:27 AM
lmaoo you're too kind
Tobithian Prince   6/9/2012 4:07:28 AM
Ill come help if yu like Hey least its now broken..imagine how hard it wud be then
BabyblueEyes   6/9/2012 1:10:38 AM
no not really, im having a hard time showering
Tobithian Prince   6/8/2012 8:09:35 PM
it will..besides...crutches r fun (:
BabyblueEyes   6/8/2012 7:55:52 PM
hope soo <333 *hugs*
Tobithian Prince   6/8/2012 4:43:29 PM
*huggles* it will get better soon
BabyblueEyes   6/8/2012 4:09:33 PM
=( *sniffles*
Tobithian Prince   6/8/2012 3:38:21 AM
BabyblueEyes   6/7/2012 7:46:38 PM
nope thank God. lol
i sprained it through my own stupidness, ill just stay in crutches while everyone rushes off to the beach
Tobithian Prince   6/7/2012 6:08:48 AM
*huggles* Ohe no, havent got any shows coming up haff yu?
BabyblueEyes   6/6/2012 7:27:29 PM
No im not lying! really do miss u =o *hugs you tightly*
dancing is gooood, sprained my ankle though...
Tobithian Prince   6/6/2012 6:11:51 PM
Lies...yur all busy wiff yur exciting life..hows dancing stuff?
BabyblueEyes   6/6/2012 5:53:26 PM
miss yu too <33

BabyblueEyes    5/30/2012 5:39:07 PM • Reply
idk who the fck i am..
bad day

xXxj3txXx    5/29/2012 11:26:50 PM • Reply
heyy beautiful
BabyblueEyes   5/30/2012 5:34:19 PM
lmao hey

BabyblueEyes    5/29/2012 7:13:24 PM • Reply
doing this again tonight
BabyblueEyes   5/29/2012 10:26:50 PM
Ok ready? leaving in 5 mins

MakeMyHipsterr    5/24/2012 6:30:36 PM • Reply
I wanna have sex wit u so bad! Dam-_- how's dancing u fine ass hell chic?(: imu!!!<33
Tobithian Prince   5/28/2012 7:12:07 PM
Jake. Obviously.
BabyblueEyes   5/24/2012 8:29:17 PM
lmao Mmm
Its good! Im kinda sore though. Need a massage *wink wink*

BabyblueEyes    5/6/2012 1:10:36 PM • Reply
That was the most fun I have ever had!!! Next broadway show is tomorrow. Made 400 dollars and I was only on stage for five minutes dancing my brains out! BEST DAY EVER

fmxman MiChAeL    5/2/2012 7:16:59 PM • Reply
this myt sound like im trying to hit on you with im not but there is no way you can be ugly

BabyblueEyes    5/2/2012 6:41:26 PM • Reply
So I will be performing with the RENT crew on broadway this saturday -wednesday. Not only will i be dancing but I will be singing as well =) Cant wait!! So glad for the opportunity
Tobithian Prince   5/6/2012 4:55:40 AM
I wunna know how it went!
BabyblueEyes   5/4/2012 6:04:45 PM
Thank you tobi!! <3
Tobithian Prince   5/4/2012 1:57:39 AM
Gud luck! <3

BabyblueEyes    5/2/2012 6:27:59 PM • Reply
im gonna put up an ugly picture of me
Tobithian Prince   5/6/2012 4:53:43 AM
BabyblueEyes   5/4/2012 6:05:19 PM
aw hush ^^ <3333
Tobithian Prince   5/4/2012 1:58:57 AM
Yur always smexci Sie Sie (:

fmxman MiChAeL    4/30/2012 7:23:48 PM • Reply
were did you go one second your on then your off

BabyblueEyes    4/4/2012 7:21:41 PM • Reply
Mom: What did you learn in school today hunnie?
Me:Apparently not enough, I have to go back tomorrow.

MakeMyHipsterr    4/3/2012 5:43:47 PM • Reply
Siie, I fluckin miss yuur big assD; <333
MakeMyHipsterr   4/7/2012 8:46:20 PM
Ah, so wats up wiff u nd ur new lover >.> rofl.
BabyblueEyes   4/6/2012 5:55:14 PM
haha next time sexy
MakeMyHipsterr   4/6/2012 5:25:09 PM
And yuh didn't bring me? -_-.
Wrong. Just wrong. Lol
BabyblueEyes   4/6/2012 11:45:58 AM
at the studio
MakeMyHipsterr   4/6/2012 11:24:03 AM
Really? That's awsome.;D where bbz?
BabyblueEyes   4/6/2012 8:33:53 AM
Been chillin and dancin my butt off
MakeMyHipsterr   4/3/2012 6:45:51 PM
Its big to meh! Ahh where u been lovely?!
BabyblueEyes   4/3/2012 6:39:29 PM
its not that big! <333

Tobithian Prince    4/3/2012 4:51:17 PM • Reply
Siieee!!! come be my smexci nurse?
BabyblueEyes   4/5/2012 11:24:12 PM
welcome hunnie!
Tobithian Prince   4/4/2012 8:41:15 PM
Dawe tank yu my sie saw lol
BabyblueEyes   4/4/2012 8:39:05 PM
haha yayy *kisses your cheek and your tummy* that should keep you for tonight
Tobithian Prince   4/4/2012 7:59:43 PM
lol its all fixed yeah but nufin got taken out just repaired i hope! xD
BabyblueEyes   4/4/2012 7:57:03 PM
oh =( did they take it out and make my tobi all better?
Tobithian Prince   4/4/2012 7:26:57 PM
i had a lil hernia on my tummy
BabyblueEyes   4/4/2012 7:20:38 PM
aw surgery for what luff? =(
Tobithian Prince   4/3/2012 9:06:11 PM
Noo i got surgery yesturday..im soooo sooooreeee..
BabyblueEyes   4/3/2012 9:03:55 PM
Ahaha your not feeling well?
Tobithian Prince   4/3/2012 6:47:19 PM
Sh'yeeah! lol
BabyblueEyes   4/3/2012 6:39:10 PM
ok baby =p

Tobithian Prince    3/22/2012 5:51:03 PM • Reply
I misss yu <3
Tobithian Prince   4/1/2012 8:54:21 PM
Haff sweet Tobi dreams!
BabyblueEyes   4/1/2012 8:52:25 PM
thanks <3
Tobithian Prince   4/1/2012 8:51:57 PM
*huggles* Nun nite bbz, i hope yu feel better <3
BabyblueEyes   4/1/2012 8:36:50 PM
noope, new york takes forever. it still feels like winter here
*kisses your cheek and hugs you* im going to bed. feeling bleh
Tobithian Prince   4/1/2012 8:26:35 PM
yur not on spring break yet?? thought everyone was
BabyblueEyes   4/1/2012 8:26:06 PM
hope so too. its almost spring break, i cant be sick on break!
Tobithian Prince   4/1/2012 8:17:40 PM
Maybe yur getting a cold...hope it goes away soon <3
BabyblueEyes   4/1/2012 8:14:27 PM
my throat feels scratchy and im sneezing *closes eyes pouting*
Tobithian Prince   4/1/2012 8:10:15 PM
daaaws *Strokes the side of yur face* wuts wrong?
BabyblueEyes   4/1/2012 8:08:37 PM
yea lol *lays head in your lap* i think im getting sick
Tobithian Prince   4/1/2012 8:06:34 PM
ohe yu got months yet lol
BabyblueEyes   4/1/2012 8:05:34 PM
Tobithian Prince   4/1/2012 7:45:03 PM
so wen do yu start college smarty pants? lol
BabyblueEyes   4/1/2012 7:38:25 PM
thats great, im glad too <3
Maybe a little
Tobithian Prince   4/1/2012 5:48:57 PM
Yeah...im glad he's in my life now..and awwwe yur just so clever!
BabyblueEyes   4/1/2012 5:47:47 PM
do you like spending time at ur dads? and nope, i cant really think of anything. I got in to penn state which is a pretty good college =) but im going to nyu for dance so sucks for penn state huh?
Tobithian Prince   3/31/2012 9:03:30 PM
Both gud, moms been working alot tho..which sucks...so been spendin lots of time at dads...nufin new really, just same old same old. Anything new wiff yu?
BabyblueEyes   3/31/2012 8:37:56 PM
Mwah! hows your mom and you little sis? whats new with everything?
Tobithian Prince   3/31/2012 7:34:01 PM
I knew i was <3 lol
BabyblueEyes   3/31/2012 7:31:42 PM
he better know haha
yes u are my favoritest <333
Tobithian Prince   3/31/2012 6:38:36 PM
Yur bf knows he's second best rite?? cos im yur favorite
BabyblueEyes   3/31/2012 6:35:33 PM
nothing, i've been watching movies with the bf all day, hes gone and now im checkin up on tObi-bOo
Tobithian Prince   3/31/2012 5:41:42 PM
im oookiiess...wuts up?
BabyblueEyes   3/31/2012 5:40:16 PM
im pretty good, you? (:
Tobithian Prince   3/31/2012 3:57:28 PM
Guud..hows yu today?
BabyblueEyes   3/31/2012 3:56:15 PM
I knoww <3
Tobithian Prince   3/31/2012 8:39:06 AM
Yu kno i love yu <3
BabyblueEyes   3/31/2012 7:16:25 AM
so not fair. i dont get any tobi love =(
Tobithian Prince   3/31/2012 6:35:10 AM
My friends like some Tobi love okie? Its perfectly normal lol
BabyblueEyes   3/30/2012 10:06:55 PM
one mostly? hahah ok
Tobithian Prince   3/30/2012 5:56:22 PM
Haha just one mostly xD
BabyblueEyes   3/30/2012 5:48:28 PM
no not love. dont use that bs word lol. u kiss ur besties? Sheesh tobi xD womaneater
Tobithian Prince   3/30/2012 1:42:28 PM
Ohe lala! love is in the air! lol and pffffft Yur totally missing out...i give THE best big kisses, just ask my bestie loool
BabyblueEyes   3/29/2012 6:42:09 PM
ahaha he doesnt like going out much, he just stays over and we talk and stuff. or go to amusement parks. but omg i rly like him. its effin crazy
good try darlin <3
Tobithian Prince   3/29/2012 1:51:52 AM
wth..shudnt he wunna do that wiffout yu doin all his work for him? Sie if yu do all my skool work il totally give yu a big kiss
BabyblueEyes   3/28/2012 8:20:39 PM
yea, school and bf asked me to write his term paper. The paper isn't that hard and he promised that if I wrote it he would take me out for dinner every friday for a month where ever i want. I was just like ok! done deal
Tobithian Prince   3/28/2012 7:08:19 PM
ohe skool?
BabyblueEyes   3/28/2012 7:02:16 PM
im alright. tied up with a crap load of work
Tobithian Prince   3/28/2012 6:23:55 PM
fine i guess..hbu bbz?
BabyblueEyes   3/28/2012 6:21:38 PM
hows you?
Tobithian Prince   3/28/2012 6:15:16 PM
okies <3
BabyblueEyes   3/28/2012 6:14:02 PM
its okii <3
Tobithian Prince   3/28/2012 5:30:43 AM
sorrie..i fell asleep
BabyblueEyes   3/27/2012 6:37:08 PM
im on now (: miss me no more
Tobithian Prince   3/27/2012 1:30:22 AM
Luff yu too but i still miss yu! <3
BabyblueEyes   3/26/2012 9:12:17 PM
Luff uuuu <3
Tobithian Prince   3/25/2012 6:53:59 PM
BabyblueEyes   3/25/2012 6:16:58 PM
hey darling
Tobithian Prince   3/24/2012 7:37:33 PM
okies <333
BabyblueEyes   3/24/2012 3:40:24 PM
i miss you too. i'll get on later and we can chat <33
No sad faces, luff uuu

Tobithian Prince    3/16/2012 8:36:51 PM • Reply
Sie-Saw <333
Tobithian Prince   3/20/2012 3:49:41 PM
traitor! lol
BabyblueEyes   3/19/2012 10:04:42 PM
haha i did it! aww noo!
Tobithian Prince   3/19/2012 7:54:10 PM
*huggles* mee too lol dont do it
BabyblueEyes   3/19/2012 7:44:05 PM
ahaha! *jumps in your lap* i have hw that i dont feel like doing
Tobithian Prince   3/19/2012 6:54:54 PM
tank yu! Lol
BabyblueEyes   3/19/2012 6:50:53 PM
lmao sorry you had to go through that
Tobithian Prince   3/18/2012 8:20:38 PM
ik...stazzie banned him..all gud lmao
BabyblueEyes   3/18/2012 8:15:55 PM
ewww o.0
Tobithian Prince   3/18/2012 7:17:58 PM
guy wiff an extremely grafic pro pic....ewwww lol
BabyblueEyes   3/18/2012 7:12:27 PM
why? lol
Tobithian Prince   3/18/2012 6:40:28 PM
okies, still alive...just got scarred for life on stazzies chat tho lol
BabyblueEyes   3/18/2012 6:39:27 PM
hows u?
Tobithian Prince   3/18/2012 6:38:18 PM
sounds guud to me
BabyblueEyes   3/18/2012 6:34:40 PM
im pretty good just watching a ton of movies and eating a ton of food
Tobithian Prince   3/18/2012 6:04:23 PM
hows yu today?
BabyblueEyes   3/18/2012 6:04:00 PM
>=) i will
Tobithian Prince   3/18/2012 3:26:57 PM
haha haff fun then
BabyblueEyes   3/18/2012 3:23:02 PM
haha im gonna do it to my sister
Tobithian Prince   3/17/2012 9:14:51 PM
Evil Sie lol
BabyblueEyes   3/17/2012 9:00:24 PM
awww thats mean lol but kinda funny. gives me ideas
Tobithian Prince   3/17/2012 8:49:00 PM
just random shit..ive gutta txt everyone now and find out who they r!
BabyblueEyes   3/17/2012 8:43:41 PM
wow what did he change it to?
Tobithian Prince   3/17/2012 6:20:57 PM
if only...lol or beat up my step bro for me..he changed all the names of my contacts on my fone while i was sleeping..such a butthole!
BabyblueEyes   3/17/2012 6:08:02 PM
aw man. i need to come take care of you
my magic boobies should do the trick! =D
Tobithian Prince   3/17/2012 2:58:51 PM
yeah i di feel a bit better just weak and really tired all the time
BabyblueEyes   3/17/2012 10:46:02 AM
sounds fun. do you feel any better? is it going away even a little?
Tobithian Prince   3/17/2012 8:34:53 AM
Still sick, but dads just picked me up and im spendin a week at his so im happy
BabyblueEyes   3/17/2012 8:26:43 AM
<3 how tObi-Boo?
Tobithian Prince   3/17/2012 5:04:49 AM
haha gud
BabyblueEyes   3/16/2012 10:49:46 PM
soooooooo happyyyyy

~It's-Just-Me~    3/11/2012 7:21:50 PM • Reply

~It's-Just-Me~   3/16/2012 7:47:23 AM
Haha I wish I could do that
BabyblueEyes   3/15/2012 6:39:41 PM
lol i fall asleep at 10 half the time

~It's-Just-Me~   3/14/2012 8:34:01 PM
Nooooo lol. I'm so used to staying up late now I can't haha.
BabyblueEyes   3/14/2012 6:56:07 PM
ikr! Go to bed Stasia!

~It's-Just-Me~   3/12/2012 9:42:57 PM
We should probably sleep!! Haha
BabyblueEyes   3/12/2012 8:28:27 PM
school then dance lol im tired too

~It's-Just-Me~   3/12/2012 8:16:36 PM
Aww )= I'm sorry. And all I did was work. I'm soo tired lol. Hbu?
BabyblueEyes   3/12/2012 6:19:17 PM
thanks. feel like im dying
what did you do today?

~It's-Just-Me~   3/12/2012 6:14:12 PM
Umm. I take ibprofin that helps me sometimes.
BabyblueEyes   3/12/2012 6:11:50 PM
cool. what do you take for terrible headaches?

~It's-Just-Me~   3/12/2012 6:36:12 AM
Welcome and yeah I'm ok
BabyblueEyes   3/11/2012 8:36:54 PM
thanks, u ok?

~It's-Just-Me~   3/11/2012 8:19:17 PM
Ok..I hope you feel better..
BabyblueEyes   3/11/2012 7:50:02 PM
Stuff. i'll get over it

~It's-Just-Me~   3/11/2012 7:45:42 PM
Aww what's wrong..?
BabyblueEyes   3/11/2012 7:30:27 PM
watching the hang over trying to cheer up

~It's-Just-Me~   3/11/2012 7:28:02 PM
Watching this weird show called Extreme..Hbu??
BabyblueEyes   3/11/2012 7:23:28 PM

theycallmejakey(;    3/10/2012 11:36:03 PM • Reply
Wtf bro:/
theycallmejakey(;   3/12/2012 6:58:20 PM
Seems nice to mee
BabyblueEyes   3/11/2012 8:36:41 PM
its alright
theycallmejakey(;   3/11/2012 8:07:20 PM
Awe girl get it (;
Sounds like a pretty good life doe
BabyblueEyes   3/11/2012 8:01:10 PM
just got a bf, trying to settle down for a bit and focus on dance, school and a small relationship
theycallmejakey(;   3/11/2012 7:53:53 PM
Doing goood.
Nothingg new :/
Hbu Hun?
BabyblueEyes   3/11/2012 7:39:34 PM
<3 you been good? whats new?
theycallmejakey(;   3/11/2012 7:37:32 PM
No problem boo <3
BabyblueEyes   3/11/2012 7:34:50 PM
thanks jake
theycallmejakey(;   3/11/2012 7:30:34 PM
Oh ... well I'm here if you need anyone to talk toooooooo (:
BabyblueEyes   3/11/2012 7:26:53 PM
been busy**
nothing kinda upset about some stuff but its all good
theycallmejakey(;   3/11/2012 7:24:52 PM
Ahaha what?
Butt not shiit hbu?
BabyblueEyes   3/11/2012 3:42:30 PM
been bro. whats up?

BabyblueEyes    3/7/2012 9:02:08 PM • Reply
alyssa wtf
theycallmejakey(;   3/16/2012 7:49:26 PM
Well then be sleepy
BabyblueEyes   3/14/2012 6:56:14 PM
theycallmejakey(;   3/14/2012 4:58:50 PM
Awe go to bedd then
BabyblueEyes   3/12/2012 8:28:11 PM
getting sleepy already lol
theycallmejakey(;   3/12/2012 7:31:04 PM
Watching Tv (((((:
Hbu sierrrrrrrra
BabyblueEyes   3/12/2012 7:23:04 PM
lol watcha doin?
theycallmejakey(;   3/12/2012 7:17:49 PM
Ohhhh gooopood <3
BabyblueEyes   3/12/2012 7:03:02 PM
im kidddinggg =0
theycallmejakey(;   3/12/2012 6:57:52 PM
O.... I understand......way......too.......make....me.......cry :'(
BabyblueEyes   3/11/2012 8:33:45 PM
nah xD
theycallmejakey(;   3/11/2012 8:05:49 PM
Loll just playing!
BabyblueEyes   3/11/2012 8:00:32 PM
that. is. creepy . lol
theycallmejakey(;   3/11/2012 7:52:28 PM
Maybe I am (;
BabyblueEyes   3/11/2012 7:39:05 PM
your not seeing me so (:
theycallmejakey(;   3/11/2012 7:31:34 PM
Like I said before I'm here if you need anyone to talk too. :/
I hate seeing people sad
BabyblueEyes   3/11/2012 7:27:55 PM
yea its w.e
theycallmejakey(;   3/11/2012 7:25:55 PM
Awe :/
You okay bro?
BabyblueEyes   3/11/2012 7:24:04 PM
eh idrc anymore
theycallmejakey(;   3/11/2012 7:23:08 PM
Lets hope!
BabyblueEyes   3/11/2012 3:42:08 PM
maybe she'll come back
theycallmejakey(;   3/10/2012 11:35:11 PM
Exactly what I said

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